About Us

Founded on the principles of engineering and aided by a long history of innovation and design, Quantilutions focuses on optimizing all aspects of product design to bring the best value to our customers. Quantilutions is a business large enough to provide cost effective solutions, but brings personal service that our customers deserve. We started this business to offer lighting solutions to our customers at a great value with outstanding customer service.

Our primary focus, LED lighting, provides a cleaner, safer light for off road and outdoor applications and is the best lighting technology in use for industrial and recreational use. We do not have a full time desk clerk, but we will always make time to get in touch with customers who wish to speak with us. All products are shipped from western South Dakota where Quantilutions is located. We are looking forward to serving you. Please check back often for updates and specials as our business grows!

Contact Information

1705 Tepee St
Rapid City, SD 57702