Trouble Shooting HID lights

My HID lights flip on and off right away.

This is often caused by not providing enough power to the HID light. If you use too thin of wire to hook the light up, or have too many lights on one circuit, the lights will flip back off again to protect themselves and your wiring.

My HID lights flicker a little bit when I first turn them on, is this normal?

Yes. The reason the lights flicker when you first turn them on is because the xenon gas is being ignited by the ballast.

My HID lights will not turn on at all.

This could be many things. First check to make sure that the source your are hooking them to is actually supplying power. You can do this by connecting your lights directly across to the battery to make sure that they are operating correctly. WARNING: It is important to remember that the lights have to be hooked up with the correct polarity. Positive to positive. Negative to negative. Or they will not function. Black is negative on a dc system.

My bulb style looks right and fits into the light, but will not turn into place.

This is often caused by very tight light housings or debris in the socket. Removing the o-ring from your current light bulb and switching it with the HID light bulb can easily fix this. Be careful not to cut your old o-ring while doing this. If the light housing is full of dirt either scrape it out or spray it out with air. Be careful to wear eye protection while performing this operation.
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