Initial view of tractors standard halogen light bulbs.
After HID’s inner two lights and LED’s outer
two lights were installed
Rear view of the tractor with halogen lights.
Rear view of the tractor with HID lights
Remove grill and disconnect old lights
After all lights have been disconnected

Not pictured: Remove all old lights. Drill a new hole next to old bolt holes to pass the wire for the new lights. Mount the new lights and splice the old lights connectors onto the new lights being sure to hook positive (red/blue) to positive(red/blue) and negative (black) to negative (black)
Strap all wires together to ensure they don’t rub while the machine is running.
Mount the ballast on the underside of the plate that the lights bolt to and secure it with the included double adhesive sticker and/or a nut and bolt.
Disconnect the old lights and bolt on HID work lights. Splice old connectors onto the new HID lights. Again make sure the light is connected positive to positive and negative to negative. Plug in new lights and enjoy!